Four Themes Shaping the Workplace in 2022

The Office as an Experience

A number of occupiers are shaping the office from a place employees have to go to somewhere they want to go. Results from Knight Frank’s (Y)our Space report in 2021 revealed that Asia Pacific companies are expecting staff to demand a variety of amenities, including F&B offerings (54%), healthcare facilities (46%), gym (39%), drop & collect parcel facilities (37%) and facilities that support mental well-being (33%) in the next three years. Occupiers are therefore looking at ways where employees will enjoy the office experience and support their productivity.

New Workplace Models

Companies are thinking of ways to make the office more accessible and flexible. Occupiers are increasingly considering models such as “Hub & Spoke”, a setup that decentralizes offices to bring them nearer to employees and potentially cut down commute hours.

Geographic Diversification

The pandemic has encouraged the return to the provinces of many employees from cities. With many expected to stay nearer their home provinces in the long term, occupiers are now looking to set up offices in those areas to retain employees. Opening offices in other locations also makes sense for occupiers as their business continuity strategy in case certain areas are affected by typhoons and other events. Locations such as Iloilo, Clark, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, and Puerto Princesa will continue to attract interests from occupiers as a result of geographic diversification.

Flight to Quality

We see an added emphasis on quality, including environmental and wellness credentials, this year. While companies with ESG commitments will prefer green buildings, there will also be demand from occupiers who consider real estate’s impact on their employees’ wellbeing and lifestyle. Occupiers are not just looking for strategically located and cost-effective real estate, but also quality options that appeal to their employees.

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