Four Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Real Estate Agent

In today’s digital world, it has become easy to learn all sorts of things including looking for your property. While there have been digital platforms that take the place of a real estate agent, there is still much to be said about having an on-call real estate agency to help with real estate transactions. 

If you are leasing or buying a property or are looking for commercial real estate options. Handling your own real estate transactions by yourself can end up being more costly for you in the long term. Here are some of the benefits of working with a professional real estate agency. 


At face value, having a real estate agent means that you can have a more hands-off approach with the complicated process of search and negotiation. This is useful when you have other things on your plate and cannot put in time to find the office space that you want.

Commercial real estate agents are first and foremost the liaison between lessees and landlords. These agents usually have a network of other properties by other agents which make sourcing much easier. They are knowledgeable of the things needed to get a sale done. They can allot their full time and energy in getting you a seller or looking for that perfect property that checks all of your boxes. 

Writing contracts can be difficult especially if you are inexperienced with the workings of purchase contracts. Luckily, commercial real estate agencies are experts in these contracts as they deal with them on a regular basis, and would be able to, upfront, give the right recommendations that would protect your best interests when it comes to your property, regardless if you are selling or leasing. 

Industry knowledge 

When it comes to real estate research, real estate agents know the market more than anybody. Having a consultant and advisor can help guide you through navigating around the different kinds of properties available in the market. As the business of buying and selling property can be a really stressful and overwhelming venture. Having an experienced and proficient agent by your side can help reduce this stress and help keep your focus. 

The real estate industry is a complex world with multiple players, products, and processes that can easily be overwhelming. Having an expert real estate agent can solve this as they are knowledgeable about the properties in various key cities and locations. A real estate agent can help you with the due diligence you need when it comes to transacting with a buyer or seller. They will be there to ensure that all paperwork is in order and that the transaction will be made with your best interest in mind. 


When leasing an office space,  it is always important to be represented by a real estate agent who has a good reputation among property owners and office building landlords. This is an advantage on the side of the lessee. 

Negotiating can also be more tricky than you think. When dealing with homes and properties, for instance, emotion and sentimentality can come into the picture which can affect the negotiation process, especially without untrained professionals.Having a real estate agent can help keep these emotions and prejudices in check and keep the negotiation formal in order to get you the best deal possible.  In looking for an office space, a real estate agent can help you compare options, understand costs, make forecasts, and help you make rational decisions that you can present to your company’s management teams. 

More than agents 

For tenants, it is not enough to stop at finding the right real estate agent. Instead, tenants should look for a commercial real estate agency that can do more than give advice on office space.

What comes next is the development of the workplace (including construction and design) and then the facilities management it would need. Most commercial real estate agencies in the Philippines can only provide transaction support so this is why it is important to look for a fully integrated real estate services company  that is ready to support the next steps.


Work with an experienced brokerage who is an expert not just in transactions. Look for someone with the complete office solution (including project management and facilities management). For your next office leasing or acquisition experience all of the benefits mentioned above. Santos Knight Frank is your partner in property and can help you with real estate services from research, advisory, brokerage, property management, and more. Learn more about Santos Knight Frank and the real estate services that they offer by visiting their official website at

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