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Project Management

Getting a new office and having it ready for use is often easier said than done. An office fit-out is a process of turning the interiors of an office ready for use. This often involves completing the workspace, restrooms, pantries, and meeting rooms, and adding the furnishings and lighting. This is why for office fit-outs, it is common and highly suggested to seek the help of a project manager.

What project managers can bring to a fit-out

There are a lot of stakeholders involved during an office fit-out—from finding the right contractors, consultants, vendors, and more. A project management professional can help tailor-fit the fit-out to the budget of the business and hasten the negotiation process. While these can be done by the business managers themselves, getting experienced professionals to do the fit-out is a different experience altogether. A project management professional will show efficient results to a fit out through the worth of their experience and skills.

Project managers can take charge of the fit-out

A fit-out is a process that spans from the planning phase to the closing stages. A project manager is equipped to organize the different personnel to work as a team and meet the goals set at the planning phase, make the office ready for use, and reduce any possible issues that may arise during the process. Throughout the length of the project, reports are done by the project manager as part of their oversight of the whole process.

Project managers can bring their expertise

Given that a project manager would be dealing with different stakeholders and personnel from skilled architects, construction workers engineers, electricians designers, and the like, it is important that they have the right knowledge on these matters to do the overseeing properly. A project manager will show efficient results to a fitout by bringing to the table their experience with working on many other projects and applying best practices of their profession, which helps them keep the project on schedule.

Project managers can lessen the risk

A project manager can manage and monitor correct safety procedures. They help comply with all the statutory requirements in accordance with the prerequisite set forth by the authority having jurisdiction over the project. Due to how many people and tasks are involved, fit-outs can go over budget than what was originally planned at the beginning, but through the knowledge of a project manager on areas such as market rates and active cost control, they save you money through planning. 

Moreover, a project manager can ensure that the project is done within the set timeframe. They minimize the impact of potential delays by providing mitigations and solutions to project issuesThese are the risks that commonly happen when working with a lot of parties or stakeholders, with the contractors that will be involved and working closely on the project. Having a dedicated project manager can mitigate these risks, coming from their years of experience in handling similar projects.

Build a better office with a project manager

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