Workplace Strategy

In today’s modern workplace, employees’ well-being is more than just a trend but a serious priority. Research shows that the health status of employees greatly influences their behavior and performance at work, making it a key to a productive workforce. In fact, 75% of high performing companies measure their employee’s health status as a part of their risk management initiatives. Here is how businesses can start to make wellness a core part of their workplace strategy. 

Put policies in place to improve overall employee health 

Company policies reflect a lot about an organization’s beliefs and commitments which means it’s important that they align with the health and wellness goals of employees. Having effective workplace policies and programs can reduce health risks and improve the quality of life of employees. These policies can range from smoking policies, healthcare benefits, sick and vacation leave policies, and the like. 

Assessing the current plans in place with regards to employee health is a good first step in order to see what other policies can be put in place. Listening to employees and getting their feedback on what is and isn’t working can help better inform companies on what policies to put in place. 

Use recognition to bolster social wellbeing 

Human and social interaction is an important aspect to any workplace culture with the ever-present challenge of how to be the most collaborative. Companies that do promote a positive environment in the workplace can strengthen their culture. One way to improve workplace culture is through recognition, which is one way to boost employee morale. 

Data shows that organizations that have recognition plans in place are 12 times more likely to have successful business outcomes. Moreover, when companies spend 1% or more of their payroll on employee recognition efforts, 85% of these companies notice a positive engagement from their employees. 

Ensure that the work environment promotes physical wellness

Work can become sedentary with prolonged periods of sitting down which has its negative effects on health. Individuals who remain seated for long periods of time are likely to increase their risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Building a workplace that encourages physical wellbeing should then be a priority for companies. 

Physical workplaces today should take account of lighting, noise levels, air quality, ergonomics in furniture, and safety measures especially at the time of the pandemic. Also included here would be the other aspects such as healthy food options in the cafeteria, smoke-free policies, and spaces that allow for rest and physical activity during breaks. All of these seemingly small things can make a huge difference to businesses in being able to meet the needs of their employees. 

Encourage connection among employees 

Happy employees at work are those who feel strong relationships with the people that they work with. This is one reason why organizations view a physical workplace, such as an office, to be necessary – to encourage socialization and build a culture of collaboration in a highly digital world.

Happiness is an important aspect of mental well-being while relationships are essential to happiness as they can be a source for support to help build one’s self-worth especially during periods of stress. Employees with friends and strong connections at work tend to be more loyal and motivated as quality work relationships help add to a strong overall company culture. In general, having strong social support can help reduce the risk of many health problems and improve overall well being. 

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