How to Select An Efficient Warehouse for your Business

When it comes to good operations and logistics, warehouses have become an important aspect of the wider supply chain network. E-commerce has increased the demand for warehouse space especially in meeting the needs of consumers for their deliveries. Warehousing is a process that involves handling cargo and goods. Making the items available as soon as they are needed for delivery. This, in short, helps keep a smoother and more efficient supply chain. 

For businesses, the warehouse must meet the warehousing objectives such as providing base storage services, easy accessibility, increased turnover, better production, and less shrinkage. For those wanting to improve their overall logistics or are looking for the perfect warehouse to start, here are the key factors to consider when selecting a warehouse. 


Because a warehouse is most dependent on its location, this will be one of the biggest considerations. The warehouse must be located near your customers to make that delivery time most efficient. Check for the transportation costs from the warehouse to the common areas of your customer’s orders. A strategically located warehouse can help meet and even exceed customers’ expectations when it comes to delivery times. Location is vital when looking for a warehouse for lease, no matter the type of e-commerce business – from being a national supplier to a regional retailer. 


It is hard to discount the importance of accessibility. Delayed orders can result from products not being able to leave the warehouse. The location could be strategic. If it means passing through tight roads or areas that can affect the mode of delivery then it would not be worth it. 

Consider the factors such as access to public transportation, road conditions, general traffic in the vicinity, interconnectivity to highways, and the like. Inefficiencies can happen that can put the entire supply and delivery chain at risk, which can be easily avoided with due diligence in the warehouse’s accessibility. 

Warehouse capabilities 

Not all warehouses are designed the same. While some have a basic warehouse layout, some warehousing facilities have diverse capabilities that can help give better storage space. Warehouses that offer integrated solutions can help give businesses better distribution services as well as better storage.


Warehousing has also benefited from technology through warehouse management systems. Warehouses that embrace these technological advancements like electronic data exchange, drones and more, can provide a much seamless operation flow than those without them. 

Experience and track record

Check out the past operations of the warehouse facility. Knowing more about its age, the nature of the business that previously made use of it can give valuable insights to whether it is suitable. Could the warehouse stand the test of time? Is it built in such a way that it can accommodate the different technological advancements for an efficient warehouse? Who are the clients of the warehouse? If they are only used to handling simple storage and small deliveries. A particular warehouse might not be suitable for an operation of a much larger scale.

Risk management 

When dealing with the warehouse provider, the manner of who handles the storage and shipping would move over to them. Ensure that there are proper risk management and safety procedures in place and any contingency plans in the case of items being damaged during shipping or storage. A warehouse vendor with insurance coverage can help ease businesses of this fact. 

Workforce Availability

Just as important as the physical space is the labor force of the warehouse. There are many things to be considered such as the supply and demand of local workforce in the area. Having low surrounding unemployment can mean high turnover and productivity rates for workers. This can have a lasting impact in the customer service and overall productivity and competitiveness of the employees. 

Also take into account the size of the facility against the number of employees to see if the warehouse is a good match for the company’s requirements. There is also the matter of ensuring that the warehouse employees are knowledgeable and skilled enough to handle special products of the company. These are all should be considered when it comes to workforce availability. 


Warehousing remains an essential part of the delivery and supply chain of any business. When looking for a warehouse for lease, it is important to have the right brokerage and consultancy agency as a partner. Real estate services company Santos Knight Frank has served countless clients and businesses with their wide range of services from brokerage, consultancy, project management, facilities management, and more. Visit the website to learn more

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