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Leasing an office can be a lot of work especially as it involves a lot of different people and activities. Here is a handy office leasing checklist to ensure that you have all the necessary bases covered.

Have a location and size in mind

Before you begin your search, it is important to know the kind of office you would want for your organization as these can help narrow down the search. Having a larger scope of location can naturally provide more options for office occupiers, so it is best to be focused and have the right location in mind whether it be accessible via a commute route or nearby amenities.

There are many factors to determine the right office size for each organization. Some point to the average of 175 square feet per employee at least, while for others it could vary greatly on the kind of organizational culture that they have, and what layout they would need for an office.

Finding a broker or representative

Once you have the bases covered for the kind of office you are looking for, the next step is to find someone to be your representative in the leasing process. A good broker can guide the tenant throughout the transaction process and move through it quickly with their expertise. It is key to find the right broker who specializes in the location or area you are focused on so that the office leasing project is a successful one.

Search for properties

With the help of a broker, the search for properties would be much easier due to their access to property databases, their knowledge and expertise in the market, and their connections with fellow brokers. They should provide you with the necessary information including the properties with addresses, a map of the properties’ location, a general comparison of the properties, and brochures of floor plans of the spaces.

Office tour

After narrowing down the properties, a proper office tour can take place. Sometimes, you can get presented with a “tour book” at the beginning where you can view all the important information about the property. During the tour, it is important that you take photos of the different amenities and grounds, and take notes of the information presented.

Negotiations and agreements

After you find the perfect office option, the next step is where you will rely on the negotiation skills of your broker. A series of documents will be formalized, such as the Letter of Intent (or LOI) and Contract of Lease (or COL), between the two parties. Negotiations about the terms and conditions will be exchanged until they become acceptable.

Office leasing — what’s next

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