The Secret to Every Great Condo Investment

One of the most important questions homebuyers should ask before buying a condominium unit is property management. Who will manage the building after turnover?

Beyond state-of-the-art amenities and modern facilities. The best condominiums are run by professional property management teams. They can oversee the day-to-day operations of the building. They also cater to the needs of tenants and owners.

In fact, according to Santos Knight Frank’s Global Buyer Survey: The Philippine Edition, 42% of prime property buyers said building maintenance and management is a key motive behind a residential purchase, more than service provision (21%) or yield potential (24%).

Responsiveness and customer service 

Professional property management companies are service oriented and would have years of knowledge and industry experience to know how best to handle condominium residents and any issue that may arise. A condominium is just as good as the service it provides its residents. It is essential to handle matters in a timely and appropriate manner. 

Emergency preparedness

In the event of an emergency such as a typhoon, earthquakes, or fires, and even outbreak of a pandemic such as COVID-19, professional property management companies have the right training, mindset, and capabilities to respond to these scenarios. Their network is also strong and they have the right partners for any emergency. 

Ensuring smooth daily operations

From ensuring that there are no power or water interruptions. Up to ensuring that waste is collected efficiently, a property manager’s role can be comprehensive. Property management companies are in charge of coordinating all teams that help make the condominium function properly. From the housekeeping, maintenance, admin, security. As well as landscaping, and the technical and engineering staff. It is their job to lead and take charge of all these units. Also, ensure that they work together to keep tenants satisfied. 

Property management companies have network and access to licensed contractors who can help do daily maintenance tasks to keep the units in good shape. These people are trustworthy and would be managed entirely by the property manager. Leaving the landower free from the stress of screening the workers hired for such maintenance activities. 

Value of property 

Any building that is managed and maintained well can help keep its attractiveness. As well as the salability for any prospecting homeowners looking for a condominium. Property management companies can offer just that and make sure that future buyers can see that value in any condominium. 

Less stress for landowners 

Property management can be time-consuming and stressful if you have to learn the ropes from scratch when you can hire specialists who specialize in it. Hiring a property management company can help landowners focus on their work or other more important matters without worrying about the daily operations of their properties. This frees up their time to do what they need to do. 

Landowners can get their peace of mind by working with an experienced property management company such as Santos Knight Frank, a renowned real estate agency. With years of experience in real estate services from property management to real estate brokerage, Santos Knight Frank is a trusted name to deliver proven results. Learn more by visiting

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