Feb 4 , 2022 Horoscope Blog

Disclaimer: The article is merely a Feng Shui guide for believers and should not be taken as financial advice. The use of this information is still at the reader’s own discretion.

A new year brings good fortune to all. Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that is all about creating harmony with one’s environment based on one’s natural flow of energy. While there is no scientific basis for Feng Shui, it has a lot of dedicated believers who ascribe to its ways especially as a new year comes along. 

Read through the article and see what your Chinese Zodiac says about your real estate investing for the year. 


For those born in the year of the rat, they can expect financial rewards to come from unexpected places. Those looking to buy a property may find themselves with the right property. Be cautious with investing large amounts of money and seek expert advice when it comes to money matters. 


Saving matters a lot for those born in the year of the ox. Try to make the most out of the earnings for business expansion or buying commercial properties as there is potential to earn money through rental income. Remember not to be too greedy and minimize liabilities as much as possible. 


Avoid any form of high-risk investment and instead, go the more moderate route. Due to a weakened wealth outlook, those born in the year of the tiger may find themselves losing more money than they gain. Don’t hesitate to seek advice from experts when it comes to investing. 


Rabbits need that extra caution because money can easily flow in and out easily. Venturing into different ways to diversify income through different money-generating opportunities is key for them. Being open to financial and real estate webinars or workshops as well as expanding networks to find more opportunities can be a big help. 


Those born in the year of the dragon may find their indirect wealth luck to be greater which can result in more money. Checking out the finance and real estate sectors could result in great rewards. 


Snakes are cautioned to be extra mindful when buying properties or entering a new business or investment venture. Building up savings is the more modest route, or turn to more long-term investments. 


2022 brings an easy year for those born in the year of the horse especially when it comes to income generating opportunities from stocks to real estate investments. Expecting an increase in wealth, it is good to start thinking of ways to diversify. But still being vigilant is important. 


Goats are in for luck as the year will bring forth much good fortune both in direct and indirect means. Goats are recommended to study more about property and wealth investments. 


Those born in the year of the monkey can enjoy a year full of income from property investments. It is important to keep greed at bay and to stick with the territory they know when it comes to business. 


Roosters need to be mindful this year as money can easily come and go. Cutting down on unimportant expenses and loans is important. Studying and analyzing the market before jumping to an investment is recommended as to not lose any wealth. 


People born in the year of the dog will see that their efforts will be rewarded with the right income if they work for it. Those in careers needing strong verbal skills such as sales, consulting, and even law may find a considerable wealth increase. 


People born in the year of the pig need to put on the work in order to achieve their goals for the long term. While they may experience issues when it comes to cash flow, it can be mitigated by avoiding any short term investments. Building up one’s savings is key and consulting experts when it comes to investments is always recommended. 

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