Why companies are moving from in-house servers towards data centers

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Does your company host data on your own physical server? Data centers have been on the rise lately as an alternative to traditional servers. See why companies are slowly making that transition to data centers.

What is a data center?

Data centers are physical facilities composed of network computers and storage systems where organizations can store, organize, and process large amounts of data.

Better power

Because normal servers are prone to power interruptions and broadband issues, businesses that choose to outsource their data can lessen this risk of power failure. Even for just a fraction of a second of power loss or interruption can result in IT equipment being unusable for minutes.

Better data security and storage

There is an ever-present risk of cybercrime and cyberattacks so it is never wrong to go with the data storage method that can offer the most security. As compared to traditional servers, data centers can provide reliable storage and come without the glitches of portable technology.


Data centers are built in such a way that they can withstand unstable power conditions. Traditional servers are not exempt to this, even with generators and surge suppressors which also cost a lot to maintain. And with the prices of power and cooling increasing yearly, it is better to turn to the more cost efficient alternative.

Overall efficiency

With many organizations using the same power grid, IT functions can slow down. This can be alleviated when transitioning to a data center as they can privitize power, making sure only one company is connected to the grid.

Closing thoughts

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