Operating as a global network of more than 18,000 people in 500 offices across 60 countries, we are in all the key locations you need us to be. More importantly, our global network is built on the same personal connections which are central to our philosophy, so that you can be assured of a seamless professional service, wherever you need us. Our leadership comes from an enduring culture of client service. As thought leaders in the industry, we are able to access the most comprehensive and insightful market data. Equipped with the most powerful analytical tools, we evaluate portfolio risk, anticipate market opportunities, and help our clients make the most informed decisions possible. Whether a client has just one property or a portfolio of assets, we provide a custom mix of services that deliver significant, efficient, and measurable returns while enjoying personal service that produces lasting value for our clients.

For almost quarter of a century, we have guided our clients as they navigate the world of real estate, providing a comprehensive range of professional services that today remain unrivaled in the Philippine market. We pioneered the growth of the Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) sector and brought many of the multinational corporations, offshoring companies and institutional investors that defined the property landscape in the country. Our partnership with the London-based Knight Frank, effective January 2017, has only strengthened our market-leading position. Recently, we have expanded our service lines with the key addition of Workplace Consultancy and Lease Administration & Management – reinforcing our commitment to an end-to-end real estate solutions platform. We have unveiled some of the best prime real estate assets in New York, London, Los Angeles, Manila and other key cities. Through our premiere publications such as The Wealth Report, Global Cities, New Frontiers and Active Capital, we have continued to provide sharp insights and trends in property and investment. The opportunities in the Philippines are vast. Once called the “Sick Man of Asia”, the country has consistently enjoyed more than 6% of annual GDP growth over the last six years. Foreign Direct Investment reached a record-breaking USD 10 billion in 2017, surpassing Asian neighbors such as Thailand and Taiwan and reflecting high investor confidence in the long-term. The Philippines’ strong macroeconomic fundamentals, the government’s “Build, Build, Build” infrastructure program and the continued growth of the BPO sector all point towards an even brighter road ahead for the Philippines.

“A business as ambitious as you are. Santos Knight Frank. Where people promotes new ideas and run with them. Where entrepreneurial spirit runs deep. Where unique combination of passion and highlyskilled workforce pave way for growth and success. “


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