The Resurgence of Brick & Mortar

Metro Manila’s retail market has bounced back significantly since the beginning of the pandemic. Once empty malls are now filled not just with visitors but also tenants. Overall, an optimistic consumer sentiment is driving back foot traffic to malls to almost the same level as pre-pandemic. Consider these figures: Household Final Consumption Expenditure (HFCE) increased […]

Living on the Fringe

The residential market has seen mixed results during the pandemic. While there was a slowdown in sales in the vertical housing market, interest for single detached homes and residential properties outside the city increased as a result of density concerns and travel restrictions. With the pandemic almost over, Metro Manila is now seeing the return […]

A Retrospective of 2022

Metro Manila’s office market performed significantly better than in previous quarters, as a result of mitigated covid spread, improving mobility, and return-to-office policies. The Metro Manila office market was in a bright spot in the latter half of 2022, as it was buoyed by both global and local market factors. Metro Manila’s overall office supply […]

Tracking ESG’s path in Philippine real estate

Real estate is said to contribute roughly around 40% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. These come from not just construction but also the entire lifecycle of an asset, including a building’s energy use, operations, and repurposing. As the real estate sector becomes more cautious of its environmental and social impact, investors and developers have […]

What is Driving Growth in the Philippines?

Over the last five years, data center supply in emerging markets in Asia Pacific has grown by over 300%, according to the Q3 2022 Data Center Report by Knight Frank in partnership with DC Byte, the leading data center research and analytics platform. The report, which tracks nine rapidly emerging markets, namely Osaka, Melbourne, Jakarta, […]